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It is the end of April and the weather is finally letting us wear shorts and skirts, t-shirts and crop tops… And while many would put on these summer outfits on right from their closet and walk to the beach, for some, their hairy body parts might seem to be an issue.

Waxing is quite a popular method of hair removal. It leaves the desired areas hairless and smooth for as long as 4 weeks, does not require significant sacrifices and, after all, is quite easy to get used to. Yet many are still scared of this procedure: either because it seems too painful to even try or because it leaves them with ingrown hairs and irritation (which can happen).

Whether you are a newbie when it comes to waxing or you’ve been removing your hair this way for years, there are certain procedures to be kept in place before and after the treatment. With these rituals, you will decrease the chances of getting ingrown hairs or irritation to a minimum.

  1. Scrub scrub scrub. Scrubbing removes the dead skin layers around the hairs. This makes them stand out more and results in wax getting them more easily (reducing your suffering).
  2. Moisturize. In general, soft well-cared-for skin reacts to any kind of treatment better. It is also quite important to renew the natural protective layer after you’ve scrubbed it off after a shower. It is also crucial to calm down the skin after the treatment.
  3. Have a long hot shower before the treatment. A bath or a long shower would make your hair more susceptible to its removal. You’ll also feel more relaxed emotionally which reduces the level of perceived pain.
  4. Don’t wax irritated skin. This is a very important step to follow. Irritation is practically any state of the skin other than normal. It means that if you are sunburnt, have any cuts or damages you should tell your beautician. The protective layer covering the damaged skin has an important role in the healing process and any kind of intervention, especially ripping it off, would result in longer healing or even scarring.
  5. Clean your skin properly.  If you want to fasten the process, you should make sure that nothing is obstructing the wax from sticking to your hair. As our bodies naturally produce protective oil and sweat, waxing on an uncleaned surface would not only become a longer process but also expose you to external bacteria and infections.

After the waxing:

  1. No tight jeans! After the treatment, your skin would need some time to rest. Wear breathable clothes and let it do so.  
  2. Don’t irritate the skin even further. Sunbathing and scrubbing would be very unpleasant for your fragile skin in the 24 hours after waxing. It is best you withstand showing off your soft shining legs for at least a couple of hours after the treatment and let your skin calm down in the shadow.
  3. Moisturize. Again… Always a good idea!
  4. Scrubbing before as well as days after the treatment could prevent you from getting ingrown hairs and help maintain the results longer. Make sure your skin is fully rested before starting though.

With Glow Concierge at your disposal waxing could become much easier. As everything is taking place at your home you could take your time in the shower first and really make that skin baby-soft. Don’t scrub or put any oils or creams on before waxing. Enjoy the bath, get relaxed and do not overthink it. The right mood and comfortable atmosphere combined with the professionalism of our providers would create the most painless waxing experience you’ve ever had.

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