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Many view massage therapy as unnecessary or a last resort in case of injury. Moreover, undressing and letting somebody touch your curves can often be the main reason for not getting a much-needed massage. These feelings result in people suffering through stiffness in the back or even impaired blood circulation for years.

The benefits of massage therapy are well known and do not really need repeating. The problem, however, lies in their underestimation as well as the unwillingness to see the preventative effects of massage. If you never had severe muscle pain, migraines or burnouts, it is easy to dismiss the necessity of treating your soul and body.

2021 American Massage Therapy Association

According to the American Massage Therapy Association, almost half of all massage consumers got their last treatment for health and wellness reasons, while the other major part needed the therapy to reduce stress and treat anxiety.

The chart above clearly demonstrates which symptoms drive Americans to discuss the possibility of massage treatment with their doctor. Most of these patients are experiencing muscle pain or migraines, which in most part could be avoided if only they used the massage as a preventative therapy.


As odd as it sounds, getting your first massage can be stressful. The main thing to remember, however, is that all masseuses are people. They do their job just like any other person. Our clients often feel very surprised by the friendly and calm personalities of the providers. And this is exactly how it should be, as the main and only job of the masseuse is to make you feel at ease, almost as if you were lying in your bed at home. (Wait a second… with Glow Concierge it is actually the case😉)

For you first ever massage, treat yourself with a light Lymph Drainage Massage. It is aimed at stimulating the lymphatic system and improving the blood circulation. It is perfect for removing old blocks in your body and making you feel like a new person.

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