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As a clinical nutritionist, Henriette works from a scientifically evidence based perspective. She does not believe in diets or quick fixes, but rather a long-term lifestyle change, tailor made and suitable for you and your life. Her nutritional path started at University of Roehampton London where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Health, followed by a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen. She specialises in obesity, overweight, bariatric surgery and weight loss. HENNY IS RECOGNISED BY SWISS HEALTH INSURANCE.Henriette speaks German, English, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.Read our Q and A with Hennriette:

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Q: How does Nutritional advice work? Maybe tell us how the first session would go…

A: The first session is normallya “get to know each other”-session. I assess the client so that I can make a tailor made plan for them. I ask about their general life situation, eating habits, medical history, activity habits etc. This is very helpful, as every person is different, and what works for one person, does not necessarily work for someone else. 

Q: Who can benefit from nutritional advice?

A: Everyone can benefit from nutritional advice. There is so much incorrect information out there, and it is all quite complex and confusing. It is very important that one seeks advice from a qualified nutritionist, and doesn’t base their nutrition on a fad diet from a magazine. One does not have to be an athlete or suffer from a disease in order to contact a nutritionist. 

Q: Bikini Season is starting soon….what is the best way to lose weight quickly and efficiently and then also keep the weight off? 

A: There are no quick-fixes if you want to lose weight. It is important to change your lifestyle for a long-term weight loss. The best way to start is to cut down on your alcohol intake, and make sure that you have fruit and/or vegetables for every single meal. Ideally, half of your plate should contain fruit/ vegetables.

Q: The yo-yo Effect – Can you tell us something about that? How is it possible to maintain the same weight? 

A: The yo-yo effect is never good, its not good for your body, nor for your mind. Constantly losing then gaining weigh can make you feel frustrated, tired and hopeless. Try to find a nutritionist who you can work with and together find a nutritional lifestyle that work for you. 

Q: Fast Food is very convenient for the Life of today…People have less and Less time to cook a meal and sit down and enjoy it….How harmful is Fast Food to our health and body?

A: It always depends, because there are now a lot of healthy, nutritious “Fast-food” choices out there. (e.g. Roots, Be Good, Ona Poke, Dean and David etc.). Nevertheless, in the long run burgers, pizza, sausages, French fries etc., aren’t sufficient for a long-term diet. You will eventually lack energy and nutrients (essential vitamins and minerals). It is proven that a bad diet is also disruptive to your sleep. However, I would never ban anything from your lifestyle or diet, (such as fast food), but find a way to expand your food horizon, give you tips on how to cook in a busy everyday-life, compromise, cooperate and educate. Remember, you only have one body, so treat it well– life will be more enjoyable!

Q: A lot of people are vegetarians or vegans these days. Do you have some advice for this kind of lifestyle? Deficiencies etc? Is it wise to take supplements? If Yes? Which ones? What kind of food has these missing Vitamins?

 A: Yes, it takes a lot of learning to understand how important it is to obtain the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain a nutritious vegetarian/vegan diet. When cutting out/ or partly cutting animal products, one need to find out how to substitute this food group and be aware of micronutrient deficiency. It is possible to avoid taking supplements, although it is often recommended to take supplements of B12-vitamins. One should also be aware of potential calcium, iron and vitamin-D deficiency. I can recommend eating all kinds of lentils, beans, pulses, legumes and vegetables, also tahini (sesame paste), tofu, dried fruits, nuts/seeds, fortified products e.g. fortified plant milks and fortified seeds and grains. Please also be aware of having enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, plant oils for cooking and dips/dressings are always recommended. As it is a big change for the body to stop eating animal products make sure you are careful and educate yourself. Therefore, I would recommend consulting a qualified nutritionist or general practitioner for further advice and follow-up. 

Q: Obesity is a big issue in our society. How Do you explain this? What’s the biggest issue here? Wrong food? Not enough sports? Sitting to much?

A: It is much more complex than one thinks. Often, it occurs due to the fact that people have a higher food intake and a low energy output. However, every case is different, and should be treated individually. It can also involve internally physiological changes, hormone changes, traumatic experiences, psychological events etc. Less sedentary work, less greasy/sugary food, a lower intake of alcohol, more greens and fruit and doing more sports will always help, (if not for your weight loss, definitely for your blood pressure, cardiovascular health and internal organs). 

Q: In Contrast to being overweight, there is Anorexia And Bulimia. Is there a way for family and friends to recognize the signs and to help? 

A: It is a tricky area of nutrition, which requires psychological, medicinal and nutritional guidance. As every case is different, the behavioural patterns are very individual. There are however some common traits: huge change in general behaviour (e.g. if outgoing = suddenly introvert), starting to wear bigger clothes to hide, not undressing in front of others (often quite self-conscious), increased body and facial hair (especially in the face and on the arms), loss of hair on the head, eating less, moving food around on the plate, a tendency to lie and manipulate. 

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