Nail art is no passing phase, here are some dos and don’t for you to consider.

Do try nail art, even if it’s only with an accent nail. There’s a look for even the most conservative workplaces.
Don’t relegate nail art to the pinkie only; try the ring finger or pointer for something different.

Do keep a bottle of cuticle oil at your desk, in your purse, or by your bed for regular application. Cuticle oil will keep your nails strong and your cuticles moisturised to reduce the chance of hangnails, cracked skin, and dry fingernails.
Don’t leave your nail polish on for longer than three weeks. It can dry out your nails.

Do combine various types of nail art in one design. Using polish, decals, and 3D elements like stones together will add dimension to your nail art.
Don’t feel that every nail has to the look the same. Creating variations in colour and design on each nail provides visual interest and keeps the nails from looking too matchy matchy.

Our top 3 choices for nail art for you.

  1. Ombre nails. We LOVE this, especially for summer. Megumi is a really specialist when it comes to the art of ombre.

2. French Manicure, while you may think of the traditional French manicure as being a little outdated, it can be applied using a modern approach to the classic. You can choose so many different options, colored French tips, half moon or both!

3. Hand painted nails, pamper your nails by adorning them in stunning hand painted designs such as these gorgeous daisies by Megumi.

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