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Living with acne is NOT easy. It’s a life full of trying to find out what’s good for you and what makes you look like a teenager going through puberty. In fact, many people believe the sun calms down their acne. But there’re also ones who are convinced sunlight is not good for their skin. So which one is it?

This article is only about the relationship between sunlight and acne-prone skin. To find out more about the general effects of the sun and the UV rays read this article.

Positive effects of the sun

As we get tanned it can often seem that the condition of the skin gets better. The blemishes are not seen as much and everybody’s happy. Speaking of being happy, when exposed to the sun our bodies produce serotonin – the “happy hormone”.

Sun radiation also has an anti-inflammatory effect. In the right amounts, it facilitates regeneration and repair. The need for protection from the UV rays makes our skin readjust and adapt to the changing conditions, which can often be beneficial.

It is quite easy to get distracted from your skin condition under these circumstances. The sun temporarily dries out our skin and it feels like the perfect effect. But what happens inside the skin?

Negative effects of the sun

So, you’re in a good mood, enjoying the warm days, forgetting to put the sunscreen on…. What can go wrong? Acne-prone skin is usually oily, meaning it produces too much sebum and overreacts in situations where normal skin would not. When exposed to too much sunlight even oily skin can get dry. In response to that the sebum-producing glands under the skin go into overdrive leading to blemishes.

It has also been proven that excess sun exposure can disturb the natural process of dead skin cells being shed. As a result, excess sebum does not find its way out and accumulates in the pores, creating camedones.

The bottom line

As good as it might seem in the beginning sun can be damaging for the skin. The anti-inflammatory effects do not last long and after they stop you really start seeing all those clogged pores and blemishes.

Sun protection is crucial for any kind of skin but even more so for the acne-prone one. We recommend choosing mineral-based sun protection, as it does not penetrate the skin, shielding it from the UV rays and not changing the pH levels.

Consulting a professional once a month can also be beneficial. Even a short visit for a cleansing facial can become filled with worthless advice on skincare and your personal needs.

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